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I’ve Got ADD So Bad

by | Apr 24, 2024 | ADHD, Productivity | 0 comments

If you’re like me and have the focus of a goldfish but want so bad to be able to get more done, this video might help you. I’m going to give these ideas a shot.

1. Set a Deadline

Plata o plomo deadlines.  This means silver or lead. Referring to when drug cartels wanted to make political changes, they would offer the politicians a bag of silver to make the change happen, or lead (in the form of a bullet).

Set a solid deadline. Whether it’s 1 hour from now or 1 year. 

2. Reverse Engineer the milestones

Make the steps and timeframes by breaking your task into chunks. Like mini deadlines.

3. Have Healthy Distractions

Explains why I always have small items I’m playing with while being productive. Lighters, knives etc. 

Having a healthy distraction can help a person with ADD focus better. Sounds counter intuitive but if you know, you know.

4. Document your journey publicly

Essentially have an accountability partner. Or many of them by making your big goal public and documenting it.

5. Celebrate your milestones

Make the process fun!


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